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My name is Monika and I will be happy to help you run your business.

I’ve gained my experience over 15 years of work in organizing and running company offices, as a team manager or an independent specialist. So far, my clients have been small and medium-sized companies from the IT, training, lifestyle, tourism, hotel, construction and service industries. However, I am open to a broadly understood development and cooperation with companies from a wider sector than above mentioned.

I am at the disposal of my clients from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 18:00. If necessary, I also work for you on Saturdays. We can talk, meet or communicate via e-mail. Meeting with me is possible online (via digital media) or in person in the area of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.
Entrusted with the tasks I approach them with commitment, carrying them out efficiently, effectively and with attention to detail. I appreciate good contact with the client as well as constant and fruitful cooperation. The success of your business activities and the development of the company, combined with a sense of happiness in business are my objectives.

My job is my greatest hobby. In my free days and hours, I develop my next passion, which is business psychology. I am particularly interested in the psychological mechanisms of the team work.

Monika Perek

The Best Office Team

A committed team of associates supports me in the implementation of daily tasks.

I can help you with

Customers' opinions


Running the office

Activities necessary for the daily operation of the company’s office. The scope is tailored to the specificity of the company and the industry in which the entrepreneur operates.

Project management

Building action-driven, out-of-the-box thinking project teams. Current organization, control and planning of project activities. Carrying out projects in a holistic and responsible manner.

Virtual reception

The company’s customer service is based on the highest standards of customer service. Support for contact channels such as e-mail correspondence, telephone contact, contact via social media, online meetings.

Personnel Management

Managing a team of company employees the goal of which is to effectively operate motivated and committed specialists focused on development.

Conducting recruitment

Active acquisition of the best specialists available on the market who will ensure the company’s success.

Internet marketing

Building an effective image of the company by running profiles in social media, creating and administering websites and copywriting.

What do I offer to your company?


Which allows me to effectively support and coordinate the company’s activities.

Commitment and constant cooperation

The goal of which is the success of your actions and happiness in business.


We are at your disposal whenever you need us.

A team of specialists

Our offer is wide, and a team of specialists will take care of your company comprehensively.

What does the cooperation look like?

  • 1.

First contact

Write to me, call me or let’s meet online. Tell me about your company and your current needs along with business plans.

  • 2.

Planning of activities

Knowing the specifics of your company along with its needs will allow me to design a process of activities for your company. I will present a project of activities, which consists of specific tasks, task implementation time, costs and desired effects.

  • 3.

Signing a contract

Together, we will set the terms of cooperation and its duration. The cooperation agreement and NDA are written off via the platform – for your convenience.

  • 4.

Implementation of tasks

I know what to do, so I get to work with enthusiasm and commitment. My team supports me, but I take full responsibility for every action. We work thoughtfully, in an unconventional way, bearing in mind the overarching goal of your company’s success.

  • 5.

Summary of activities

I am in constant contact with you. At the end of each week, I send you a full report on the activities carried out and those planned for the next week. You can also follow the process of completing tasks on your board on, where I plan work and the effects of activities.

  • 6.

Planning of next activities

After completing each stage of work, we meet online to diagnose individual tasks and plan the next stages.

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